Dathün Creativity and Aspiration

Reflecting on her recent dathün, Jenny Bruce was inspired to create a message. During the retreat, she watched a video featuring Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, titled "Building Enlightened Society."

At the end of the video, Rinpoche said, "This world needs your help very badly."  Jenny says, "Those words came to mind a number of times during my trip back to Buffalo and as I returned to work."

Jenny set to work on creating a poster: "The words remind me to engage wholeheartedly in whatever I am doing." With regards to the poster, Jenny aspires the words inspire others to engage in this world.

Jenny Bruce lives in Buffalo, New York, and works at the food co-op on the corner of her street. She first encountered Shambhala in January 2007. The Buffalo Shambhala Group had two members at the time and has since grown to 15-20 meditators who practice every week. This past fall she began to explore the art of letterpress printmaking.

About DathünDathün, Tibetan for "month session," is a one-month group meditation retreat, and one of the most important training programs in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. The program is open to anyone and is a very powerful introduction to and deepening of mindfulness-awareness meditation (learn more). Karmê Chöling hosts 3-4 full dathüns each year and also offers half-dathüns.

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