AHH AHH CHOOO! a tincture to boost your health for cold/flu season

Submitted by Gardener Anemone Fresh

A tincture is a solution to extract the medicinal properties from an herb.  

During cold and flu season you may want to try a fresh astragulas or echinacea root tincture to ease the symptoms and encourage healing. 

First, harvest and clean well the root of the desired plant.  Then chop the root into small pieces and put it in a glass jar.  Pour 100 proof vodka* or grain alcohol into the jar so it completely covers the herb.  Cover the jar and leave it in a cool, dark place and shake it daily.  

In 6-8 weeks, strain the root from the liquid and you have an herbal tincture!  For cold or flu, use up to 1 tsp. of astragulas or echinacea tincture in hot tea 3 times daily.
*High proof alcohol is best, but vinegar can also be used though it is less effective in extracting the full potency from the herb.

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